The first in the world:Precisely aligned “wireless charging + anti-radiation”, 5 features/ one magnetic case => extraordinary wireless charging + radiation blocking experience.

1)One magnetic case “wireless charging + anti-radiation” 5-in-1

The only in the world!Designed for iPhone users. Moxsi realize 5 magnetic aligned features with just one magnetic case:

1.Wireless car charger 2.Wireless desktop charger 3.Wireless charging power bank(可立架充、手充、包充全都無線充)4.Anti-shock form-fitting case 5.5. Anti-radiation leather wallet

=> Immediate solution for tangled cable 、tethered & inefficiency wireless charging, and radiation attack troubles

True cable-free power supply to your phone all day long.


Anti-shock case protects your phone, and anti-radiation leather wallet protects your brain

2) Convenient magnetic alignment

The claims come to many wireless charging users that the inefficient charging and tethered portability during charging are nightmare..
Xcase by Moxsi is the answer to these troubles.
With Xcase magnetic anti-shock case to aligned attach to Xbank/ Xcharger firmly and precisely, the true untethered wireless charging portability is realized

The easiest-to-use wireless charging power bank solution, just snap and charge.

Free from charging coil alignment troubles.

Say good bye to tangled cables, just grab and go, no slip, stay charged on the go.



Efficient fast charging

1) Precisely aligned charge guarantees minimum loss:SMAP-WPC

The SMAP-WPC technology in Xcase enables working with Xbank & Xcharger in aligned wireless charging.
Precisely alignment and magnetic firmly attachment are guaranteed.。

▼Xcase SMAP-WPC guarantees best charging efficiency with least loss.

  ▼The inefficient wireless charging brings thermal, and will damage your phone battery!

2) Patented refined magnetic design guarantees no interference on phone and wireless functionalities.

1)SMAP-WPC is the core you need for wireless charging

3) 10W wireless charging

3)10W fast charging on Xcharger and Xbank without restrictions

Effortless ever, untethered, cable-free portability

1)New! The only true portability wireless charging solution that stays charged on the go

Ace 1:Xcharger/ Car and desktop combo

Xcase by Moxsi is required to work with Xcharger for its magnetic wireless desktop/ car chargering

Xcharger Either dash board or air vent outlet is perfect pace for Xcharger to have good GPS/ signal reception while stay undisturbed charged on the road。

Xcharger The dashboard adapter can be also used on desktop for you to enjoy 10W wireless efficient charge in simplify aesthetics。

2)540°untethered rotation optimizes utmost wide view angles

Untethered 540〫wide view angles guarantees utmost viewing experience in all scenarios。

Ace 2:Xbank/ Magnetic wireless charging power bank

Xbank 10000 mAh capacity guarantees the undisturbed power supply all day long for your phone on the go. (Xcase by Moxsi is required for magnetic wireless charging)。
Besides, 3 up-to-date USB ports enable charging 3 devices with cables simultaneously。
The more Xbank brings to you than others

3)Integrated storable foot stand, Xbank is marvelous gadget for binge watching

1. The built-in foot stand holds your phone firmly and you can enjoy the phubbing on desk while stay charged

2. Incredible portrait viewing mode! The only portrait usage draws all attentions when you play mobile games or enjoy phubbing

3. Xcase + Xabnk attach firmly and still stay charged where you go

Xcharger Magnetic Wireless Charging car/ Desktop 2-in-1 x Xbank Magetic Wireless Charging Power Bank x Xcase Magnetic case + Anti-radiation Wallet
The ecosystem presents perfect usage scenarios

With Xcharging5in1 series, you can completely get rid of following troubles

1. Tethered portability

2.Inefficient wireless charging caused by incorrect charging coil alignment

3. Why still forced to use cable charging but reality is you are using wireless charging power bank now?

Xcase + Xbank guarantees secured attachment and stay in undisturbed charged wherever you go

The easiest-to-use wireless charging ever:No alignment, no cable, no clip, no lamination

1) No alignment:SMAP-WPC is the solution to incorrect charging coil alignment on wireless charging products!

2) No cable:Free from the tangled cable troubles we usually have!

3) No clip:No more bulky and complicated traditional car mounts. Simple and sleek Xcharger is effortless solution without interference on display!

4) No additional metal plate:Get rid of the nightmare of sticking the metal plate on your iPhone!

Magnetic anti-shock case to protect your iPhone

1) Anti-shock, overall protection/ double injection TUP soft case/ Easy assembly and simply fit

Xcase combines superior materials, state of the art process and protective function design

2) Magnetic wireless charging is convenient/ Magnetic anti-radiation leather wallet protects your brain

▲Xcase on Xcharger and Xbank is the easiest-to-use wireless charging experience

▲Xcase anti-radiation wallet block 99% radiation while stay in good signal reception

Anti-radiation leather wallet protects your brain

1)Anti-radiation/ Protect your brain/ Good reception

Besides untethered wireless charging ecosystem, we care about your brain, yes, it is the matter.
The issues we overlook quite often:
The radiation when receiving a call goes over 21 mG, which is far over 1 mG limit, and it badly damages your brain

Xcase blocks 99% radiation while stay in good reception, SGS accredited

The 2-in-1 Xcase anti-shock case + anti-radiation leather wallet integrate radiation blocking X-METAL by 99% with SGS & ITRI accredited while stay in good reception。

▼Pick up and answer the phone with Xcase covered to protect your brain with less than 1 mG Germany limit radiation standard, which is safe even for pregnant women

No compromise on quality, Xcase is beautiful functional leather case designed for iPhone.
Reserved Saffiano-look dedicated leather, Xcase presents charming quality lines in different view angles!

2)RFID readable

3)RFID blocking

Place your bus card in reserved Xcase card slot to get access to sensing machine, and credit cards in RFID blocking slots are securely protected from scanning for fraudulent usage。

MOXIE 摩新科技

自2005年成立以來,超過十年以上研究與開發,同時與歐美日等各國高科技業者的交流與開發經驗,開發出一套獨步全球的 X-SHIELD 防高低全頻電磁波科技

Xcharging 系列 Xcharger+Xbank+Xcase 精準磁吸無線充電組


Xcharging 系列 Xbank+Xcase 隨身充電組

  • 磁吸式10W無線快充
  • 超大10000容量電池
  • 立架設計方便追劇手游
  • 精準磁吸定位
  • 時尚經典外觀設計
  • 電磁波防護

Xcharging 系列 Xcharger+Xcase 車桌無線充電組

  • 10W無線快充輸出
  • 540°無死角角度
  • 黏貼式/嵌入式雙安裝模式
  • 經典時尚設計
  • 搭配Xcase達到精準磁吸無線充電功能


Xcase 系列 iPhone 11 分離式防電磁波經典款手機皮套

Xcase 系列磁吸分離式 iPhone 防摔防電磁波保護殼

Xcharging 系列 Xbank 磁吸無線充電行動電源

Xcharging 系列車桌充二合一 Xcharger 磁吸無線充電座